Gender balance in Norwegian music

Hedvig Mollestad. Foto: Arve Kjersheim.

Ingrained attitudes, structures and networks create gender imbalance in Norwegian music. It's not that women do not want to be involved, but that they do not get the chance. This applies at both recruitment level and in the professional field. There are various challenges in music. As some have pointed out, the majority of women are in orchestras. Yes, it's true that women play, but who takes the artistic decisions and chooses repertoire, and whose works are played? And who sits on the booking committees of festivals? The answer to all these questions is men. We believe that a better gender balance in music will lead to a richer music.

The art of balance

Following the March 2012 conference Balance In Music, concrete measures were solicited from the Norwegian music industry to improve the gender balance in music. In the budget for 2013, 1 million NOK was allocated for measures to improve the gender balance in the Norwegian music industry. The funds are managed by the Norwegian Council.

The working group consisted of nyMusikk, Norsk jazzforum, AKKS, MIC Norsk musikkinformasjon, Orkester Norden, artistorganisasjonen GramArt, Musikernes fellesorganisasjon og Norges musikkhøgskole.