Concert and conversation:
Tanja Orning, Tora Augestad and Karin Hellqvist

Saturday 29 March the contemporary artists Tanja Orning, Tora Augestad and Karin Hellqvist met for a musical and verbal encounter at a packed nyMusikk, presenting their favourite pieces. The event was curated by Tanja Orning.

The pieces being performed:
Malin Bång - ...när korpen vitnar
Klaus K. Hübler - Opus breve
Simon Steen-Andersen - Study #1 for string instrument
Morton Feldman - Projection I
Morton Feldman - Durations II
John Cage - The Wonderful Widow of Eighteen Springs
Timo Kreuser - Sirens

Tanja Orning. Foto: nyMusikk.
Konsertsamtale med Tora Augestad, Tanja Orning og Karin Hellqvist, 29. mars. Foto: nyMusikk.