Jøran Rudi
Concrete Net

Friday 23 May 4 pm
Kunsthall Oslo

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Electroacoustic composer Jøran Rudi’s Concrete Net (1997) is a computer music animation where distances in the solar system are used to construct and organise sounds.

Some of the sonic material used in Concrete Net is from readings from Ballard’s Concrete Island (1974). The work is a pioneering example of the cross-media mapping that became possible with the introduction of digital technology in the 1990s.

The work is about experiencing a situation right after something has happened, and trying to make sense of the remains that one can hear and see, much like what one frequently finds in Ballard’s literary project. The shape is a slow, exploratory movement, curving through space junk in the same way as Ballard explores the cast-off of urban civilization.

Jøran Rudi began his musical career in the short-lived but influential Norwegian punk band Kjøtt that emerged in the end of the 70's. His studies in music theory and composition were conducted at New York University, and Rudi has since developed a portfolio of works for electronic instruments and/or fixed media, as well as for dance, film, performance art, installation and multimedia. Rudi is the founding the director of NOTAM - Norwegian center for technology in music and the arts, and stepped back to a researcher position in 2009, following 17 years with administrative, academic and artistic responsibilities for the institution.

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Jøran Rudi. Foto: Jøran Rudi.