Øyvind Mæland + Pinquins
Procession And Drought

Friday 23 May 6 pm
100/50 kr

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Pinquins. Blunderbuss: Anna Julia Granberg.

Like J.G. Ballard’s world of desolate environments destroyed by human intervention or neglect, the sounds of Øyvind Mæland’s Procession And Drought evokes barren landscapes. The piece, performed by percussion trio Pinquins, consists of timbres muffled gradually or strangled abruptly, or simply ceasing to exist as if nothing had happened.

Øyvind Mæland (1985) studied composition with great names such as Olav Anton Thommessen, Ivar Frounberg and Henrik Hellstenius. His production consists mainly of chamber music works, and he has worked with ensembles such as Kairos quartet, Bit20 and the Oslo Sinfonietta. In 2013 he finished the opera Ad Undas – Solaris Korrigert, which was staged at the Norwegian National Opera.

Norwegian percussion ensemble Pinquins, consisting of Ane Marthe Sørlien Holen. Sigrun Rogstad Gomnæs and Johanne Byhring, has in its short five years of existence proved themselves as an important part of Oslo’s contemporary music scene. They have commissioned new works by composers Kjell Samkopf, Athony Pateras and Stefan Goldmann.

Supported by: Komponistenes Vederlagsfond.

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J.G. Ballard

22 - 24 May 2014

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Øyvind Mæland. Foto: Grete Zahl Kvakland.