Meet the composer

The concert series Meet the composer has existed on and off for about 50 years. In the spring of 2017 it is once more being revitalized in an intimate format.

We invite you to artistic encounters with some of the most cutting-edge international composers working today, in a mixed format where the composer presents their inspirations and thoughts, as well as presenting mini-concerts of new works. 

Klaus Lang. Foto: Henrik Beck.

10 February - Klaus Lang
We’re kicking off the series with the unique Austrian composer, concert organist and improviser Klaus Lang. Lang will talk about early music and John Cage, two of his biggest influences, and we get an exclusive concert by Lang on Fender Rhodes with violinist Annelie Gahl. Some of the pieces were released on the record Melodies and Harmonies on Col Legno a few years back, receiving a lot of positive attention, but these pieces are very rarely performed.

29 March - Joanna Bailie
Next up is the innovative English composer and sound artist Joanna Bailie. She is a Berlin based composer working primarily with field recordings and acoustic instruments. This evening she offers her reflections on the poetics of recording and soundscapes, and on nostalgia, memory and meeting points between the audio and visual. Renowned cellist Tanja Orning will perform Bailie's piece Trains. 

20 May - Jennifer Walshe
Opening this year’s Only Connect festival is the genre defying composer Jennifer Walshe, who will perform her work Everything Is Important together with the Arditti Quartet 18 May. The Irish composer and singer will talk about her artistic practice and present ideas around social media, the composer's role, filmmaking, fictional history and identity construction

The history of Meet the composer
Meet the composer was instigated in the late 60s by former Ny Musikk chairman Kjell Skyllstad and was a concert series held regularly in Oslo at places like Club 7, the Munch Museum and ABC-teatret, but also at arenas such as the Henie Onstad Art Centre and Kongsberg Jazz Festival.

Among the composers who participated during the early years were Karlheinz Stockhausen, Arne Nordheim, György Ligeti, Finn Mortensen, Kåre Kolberg and Lasse Thoresen.

10 February
Klaus Lang

29 March
Joanna Bailie

20 May
Jennifer Walshe