nyMusikk celebrates 75 years!

For 75 years, nyMusikk have presented the sounds of the contemporary.

17. September 1938, nyMusikk was founded at Hotel Continental in Oslo, as the Norwegian section of The International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM). In 2013 the organization celebrates 75 years as the nation's most prominent and innovative exponent of the new music.

It is hard to imagine how the emergence of new musical expression and new generations of composers had developed if nyMusikk had not existed as an institution and a voice in the public debate. nyMusikk's history runs parallel with the history of the avant-garde in the Norwegian music scene and nyMusikk is accused / is credited for having brought modernism to Norway. The organization was established to bring a new and international musical language to Norway, and has since 1938 held the banner as the leading provider of innovation in the musical field.

Pauline Hall var nyMusikks første formann.