Sound installation in an anechoic chamber

SEAS speaker factory,
Ryggeveien 96 Moss
KL. 11:00 (departure Oslo Plaza/Sonja Henies plass, Oslo)

Kr 100. No seats available for the anechoic chamber trip, for waiting list contact You can still come to SEAS and see Stine Janvin Motland and get a tour of the factory.

Transport for the audience who aren't signed up for the anechoic chamber trip:
- Car to Ryggeveien 96.
- Bus TE3 from Oslo Bus Terminal to Sarpsborg Bus Terminal. Get off at Høyden Ryggeveien. Walk 100 m to Ryggeveien 96.
- Train to Moss or Halden to Moss station. Bus 100 to Halden. Get off at Høyden Ryggeveien. Walk 100 m to Ryggeveien 96.

Buy festival pass, kr 550/450 (regular/member)


Trond Lossius. Foto: Anders Helgerud.

Lontano is an installation / event taking place in an anechoic chamber. It addresses the anechoic chamber as a site of research, and draws attention to our hearing capabilities and in particular the spatial dimensions of hearing and listening, the phenomenology of listening, the rich soundscapes that surrounds us, and how we are situated and immersed in the world through sound.

An audience of only four persons at a time are invited to enter the space along with the artist. They get to experience the space itself, and are then seated in the middle. A series of surround (Ambisonic) field recordings are presented. The situation is open-ended. The group might choose to listen in silence, or engage in discussions concerning how the room is experienced, the sensations, memories and thoughts triggered by the field recordings, or any other topic relevant to the situation.

Trond Lossius is a sound and installation artist based in Bergen. His projects investigate sound, place and space, using spatial sound and multichannel audio as an invisible and temporal sculptural medium in works engaging with the site. Lossius coordinates research and development at BEK – Bergen Center for Electronic Arts.

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The Deep

4 - 6 June 2015

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