Bjørn Erik Haugen: 
By the Road

18:00 - 24:00 Skippergata 22

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Bjørn Erik Haugen. Foto: Marlene Palm.

Bjørn Erik Haugen’s recent installation, By the Road (2018), is a homage to how film has portrayed the car as a symbol of freedom. The artist reflects on how the car, in the future, is expected to lose its place in the city, as well as its status as a strong symbol of travel and freedom.

The installation uses car sounds from well-known movie scenes, transcribed for death metal performed with a robotic drum kit. The metal genre, with its dystopian aesthetics, stands in contrast to the car as a former symbol of freedom. 

Artist and composer Bjørn Erik Haugen works with a range of art forms such as sound art, performance, video, photo, sculpture and installation. His artistic projects are often focused around television, film, the Internet, computer games, and the influence these media have on our perception of reality.

Haugen studied visual art at Trondheim Academy of fine Art and Oslo National Academy of the Arts. He works mainly with compositions, audio- and video installations. Haugen’s works have been shown in the annual autumn exhibition, Henie Onstad Art Center, the Mata Festival in New York and Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival. In 2017 he presented a video-work at the Second Research Pavilion for the Venice Biennale and had a solo exhibition at the Haugar Art Museum.

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25 - 26 May 2018, Oslo

25 May: Sentralen
26 May: Skippergata 22

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