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nyMusikk invites the audience to a sonic exploration of Sentralen’s backside. The corridors, hallways and hidden spaces of the building is transformed into visible and invisible soundscapes by three master students in electroacoustic composition from Norges musikkhøgskole. 

Ernst van der Loo, Mike McCormick and Juhani Silvola offers three complementing perspectives on the making of sound for architecture. Expect known and unknown sounds, noises, synthetic and organic sound fields in continuous change.

Juhani Silvola Speculative Phonography pt.II (2018)
Ernst van der Loo Beneath the Exterior (2018)
Mike McCormick With|in (2018)

Mike McCormick.

Mike McCormick is an Oslo-based guitarist and composer originally from Yellowknife, Canada. Though his primary expression is through music performance, Mike’s creative output draws from a variety of disciplines, including conceptual and performance art, electroacoustic music, twentieth-century literature, and various notated and improvised music traditions. Besides performing regularly in improvising and chamber ensembles, his most recent project involves the musical setting of excerpts from written correspondences with past romantic partners and lovers in an effort to explore the various manifestations of human intimacy.

Ernst van der Loo. Foto: Ed Jansen.

Ernst van der Loo is a Dutch composer, performer and sound artist based in Oslo. He studied audio engineering and later specialised in electro-acoustic music composition and performance at the institute of Sonology in The Hague. His field of operation is somewhere in the triangle of self-generative music installations, fixed media composition and live improvisation. Current work focuses highly on spatial composition and the use of self-generative analogue synthesis networks. Next to this he has composed music and did sound design for modern dance theatre performances.

Juhani Silvola. Foto: Johannes Selvaag.

Juhani Silvola is a musician, composer, improviser and producer. He has released two critically acclaimed solo-albums and two folk-music albums with Sarah-Jane Summers, performed on 30 records, played with Frode Haltli, Splashgirl, Jessica Sligter and Unni Løvlid, and produced and mixed albums for bands like Highasakite and Broen. Silvola currently plays with Sarah-Jane Summers, Ingebjørg Lognvik Reinholdt, The SISKIN Quartet, A Scottish Ayre and Jonas Howden Sjøvaag.  Silvola is finishing his masters degree at the Norwegian Academy of Music the spring of 2018, where he studied electroacoustic composition with Natasha Barrett.

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25 - 26 May 2018, Oslo

25 May: Sentralen
26 May: Skippergata 22

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