Off The Page Oslo 2016:

Jazznytt 18: Sidsel Endresen

Sidsel Endresen is a unique artist on the Norwegian as well as the international jazz scene with her ground breaking vocal improvisation. 

Sidsel Endresen. Foto: CF-Wesenberg /

Endresen is one of the most important figures in Norwegian music. From a successful career in the Jon Eberson Group; to a solo career on ECM to having various projects in which she explores the extreme potential of the human voice – with Christian Wallumrød and Stian Westerhus among others – she has proved to be a fearless and hungry musical artist.  

At Off The Page Endresen picks a handful of her favourite tracks and is interviewed by Jazznytt’s Audun Vinger.

Sidsel Endresen is jazz vocalist, composer and lyricist. She has participated in a number of releases through a long career and has in recent years collaborated with Elin Rosseland and Eldbjørg Raknes in the improvising trio ESE and established the group Undertow with Kleive, Molvær and Wesseltoft. She has been a soloist in her self-written opera Lautleben (2001), been composed by Rolf Wallin and toured in a trio with Christian Wallumrød and Jan Bang, and another trio with Thomas Strønen and Ståle Storløkken from Humcrush.

Audun Vinger is music commentator for Dagens Næringsliv and writer in Jazznytt magazine.

Music magazine Jazznytt created Jazznytt 18, a series of lounge events where the magazine can be experienced live, with interviews, short lectures, debates and musical performances.

Audun Vinger.

Off The Page
Kunstnernes Hus
Saturday 23 January

Music fair: 11:00 - 16:00
Festival programme: 12:00 - 22:00

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