Off The Page Oslo 2016:

Tore Stavlund: Milky Disco

Starting off with the possible genre term Milky Disco, writer and literary scholar Tore Stavlund investigates the role of milk in human's culture and society. In addition to being an important nutrition, milk has also had a strong mythological, aesthetic, as well as political importance.

Albumcoveret til Space - «Deliverance» av det legendariske designbyrået Hipgnosis som også designet cover for Pink Floyd m.fl.

From the cultural history of milk: Milky Disco
White and fat, milk floods through cultural history as life-giving as well as metaphorically present. From the Milky Way's blue shimmer of the Norse creation story about the cow Auduhumbla; from Kublai Kahn’s ethanol containing sour milk to The Dude's White Russians; from Cleopatra's luxurious bathing in milk to Donna Summers cosmic introspection; from Robert Johnson's attempt to drink away the blues with milk to African American rap’s use of lactose as a metaphor for white power; Pink Floyd’s hipgnotic cow to Kubrick’s Korova Milkbar; from Space's weightless milk splash to Røyksopp’s keyboard milk; from psychedelic transcendence to late capitalism’s carefree soundtrack. Into the eternal ocean of milk.

Tore Stavlund (b. 1976) is a literary scholar and works as a project manager in Aschehoug Undervisning. He has written about literature and music in a variety of magazines, including ENO, Vinduet and Jazznytt, and contributed to several anthologies and catalogues. In the documentary book Melk. En romodyssé (Milk. A Space Odyssey) published by Cappelen Damm in 2016, he uses his own family background to draw up an original and literary narrative of the development of Norwegian dairy industry and the cultural history of milk.

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