Off The Page Bergen 2017:

The LP Sleeve as a Form of Theatre

Friday 27 January
Kl. 19:00

Ticket Friday

An illustrated survey of a type of album design that has almost disappeared in the 21st century. Involving creative photography, complex costuming and styling, and a surreal feel for drama and mystery, the tableaux on these sleeves from the 1960s-80s make a strange and uncanny companion to the music within.

By editor and writer Rob Young. The lecture will be in English.

Rob Young is editor of Jazznytt, contributing editor of The Wire, and also writes for Uncut, Sight & Sound, Klassekampen, The Guardian, Morgenbladet, Ballade, Frieze and Artforum. His books include Electric Eden: Unearthing Britain’s Visionary Music (2010), Rough Trade: Labels unlimited (2006) and Warp (2005). He curates talks, seminars and screenings for Norway’s by:Larm and Borealis festivals and is currently writing the official biography of German group Can, plus an alternative history of British film and television.

Rob Young. Foto: Kim Hiorthøy.

Off The Page
Landmark, Bergen Kunsthall
27 - 28 January


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