Off The Page Bergen 2017:

Everything that breathes conspires

Saturday 28 January
Kl 17:30 

Ticket Saturday

Thora Dolven Balke presents a radiophonic lecture from her upcoming podcast series and exhibition which will be launched fall 2017. She presents extracts from conversations with artists, scientists, activists and musicians about how sound plays a role in their thinking and living, among these is the American drummer Milford Graves and his work with heart sound.

Milford Graves i sitt studio.

Thora Dolven Balke is a visual artist and organizer of platforms promoting other artists's work, especially in connection with fields such as music and performance. In 2016 she has been a participant in the artist residency and seminar program Capacete in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The upcoming podcast series and exhibition is a co production between Dolven Balke, UKS and the Ultima festival. 

Thora Dolven Balke.

Off The Page
Landmark, Bergen Kunsthall
27 - 28 January


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