Off The Page Oslo 2015:

Screening programme

Sound and Chaos: The Story of BC Studio (2014, 71mins)
Dir Sara Leavitt & Ryan Douglas

Sound and Chaos captures the history of the legendary Brooklyn studio founded by Martin Bisi, who for over 30 years worked with a host of influential artists such as Sonic Youth, Swans, Afrika Bambaataa, Foetus and many others. The film features interviews with Michael Gira, Brian Viglione of The Dresden Dolls, Bob Bert, Bill Laswell, J. G. Thirlwell and many others. Norway premiere.

Free Will & Testament: The Robert Wyatt Story (2002, 70mins)
Dir Mark Kidel

Rare documentary featuring footage of the legendary composer and songwriter Robert Wyatt performing live in a studio as well as in depth interviews. Commissioned by the BBC and produced by Somethin’ Else in 2002.

Drowned City: The Sound of the Radio Underground (2014, 52 mins)
Dir Faith Millin

The maximum penalties for transmitting illegally on UK radio are an unlimited fine and two years in prison. Over three years, the filmmaker followed a small group of individuals from the near extinct London pirate radio community, from towerblock rooftops to industrial warehouses, asking why these young people take such significant risks for the sake of broadcasting. Award winning documentary. Norway premiere.

Voice – Sculpting Sound with Maja SK Ratkje (2015, 93 mins)
Dir I.J Biermann

The film follows the musician/composer/sound artist Maja Solveig Kjelstrup Ratkje through Europe presenting a variety of her work. Performances, sound recordings and personal scenes are composed into a complex portrait of an uncompromising artist pulled between conflicting poles of family and vocation. Exclusive preview screening.

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24 January

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