Music fair - Off The Page Oslo:
Metronomicon Audio

Metronomicon Audio is a small record label based in Oslo, Norway. Strictly speaking, it is first and foremost a community with some 20 active members and a wide range of affiliates which together aim to promote new and interesting music. Artists include Center of the Universe, Magnus Moriarty™, Truls and the Trees, Dagens Ungdom and André Borgen. 

Metronomicon Audio has chosen to focus on individual members’ freedom to make music they like, and the community has a flat structure where the artists themselves have full artistic control. This also applies to the highest degree of Metronomicon Audio’s inhouse designers Yokoland who in collaboration with the artists are responsible for the visual profile. This includes everything from record covers to the stage effects, posters, flyers and website.

Off The Page
Kunstnernes Hus
23 January 2016

Music fair: 11:00 - 16:00
Festival programme: 12:00 - 22:00

Free fair.