Music fair - Off The Page Oslo:
Related items + Yokoland + Aki Books

Related items is an independent webshop and occasionally bookstore based in Oslo, Norway. They sell books, publications and other art related objects. Related items is initiated and run by Aslak Gurholt (Yokoland) and Martin Asbjørnsen.

Yokoland is a small design studio/collective based in Oslo, Norway. The studio is well known for it’s work with books and music packaging, and amongst other things behind all the design of Metronomicon Audio, Hubro and Flamme Forlag. Objects, prints, books and records will be available at their occasional bookstore Related items.

Aki Books is a small imprint that publish books and zines on art, photography, design etc. The imprint is run by Aslak Gurholt (Yokoland) and Morten Spaberg. Books will be available at the occasional bookstore Related items.

Key to Happiness (found object).

Off The Page
Kunstnernes Hus
23 January 2016

Music fair: 11:00 - 16:00
Festival programme: 12:00 - 22:00

Free fair.