Off The Page music fair

Off The Page Oslo will be the host of an independent music fair offering vinyl, fanzines, magazines, books, cassettes and lots more.


Fair representatives:

Looop was established in 2006 and is dedicated to uniting, supporting and promoting independent Norwegian music artists, bands, record labels, and others involved in the same scene, all sharing a genuine interest in the music and an idealistic approach to their work. They only sell releases by Norwegian artists (on Norwegian or foreign labels) and Norwegian labels (including both Norwegian and foreign artists). Vinyl, tapes, CDs, DVDs, books, fanzines, shirts, posters and other cool stuff.

SOFA was founded in 2000 by Ivar Grydeland and Ingar Zach. The label is releasing new and experimental music. The catalogue contains free jazz, minimal, electro acoustic improv, free folk and more. From late Derek Bailey through Sidsel Endresen solo to the unique brass duo Streifenjunko.

Rune Grammofon was founded in 1997 with the intention of releasing work by the most adventurous and creative Norwegian artists. The catalogue now includes over 150 releases mainly covering improv, jazz, avant rock, electronica, alternative pop, progressive and contemporary music and everything inbetween. Artists include names such as Arve Henriksen, Motorpsycho, Supersilent, Nils Økland, Maja Ratkje, Alog, Fire!, Arne Nordheim, Spunk, Elephant9, Bushman´s Revenge, Stian Westerhus, Hedvig Mollestad Trio and Jenny Hval.

Feil Forlag is a non-profit publishing house founded in 2007 by Andreas Delsett and Kjersti Solbakken. Feil Forlag produces books and pamphlets, as well as events and exhibitions. Working closely with artists, writers, designers and curators, the publisher experiments with formats, circulation and launch platforms to create a space for projects that otherwise would fall between two chairs.

Marhaug Forlag was founded in 2011 by Lasse Marhaug. Marhaug Forlag is a small publishing enterprise for the rather large gray area of celestial noise, esoteric music and related visual expressions/excesses. Marhaug Forlag publishes print objects like books, fanzines, posters and art editions.

Siste Sukk  ("last sigh") saw the light of day a cold winter day in 2012, and was meant as a convulsive attempt at keeping people interested in the physical and tactile joys of the ”dead” format that is the cassette tape. It can be hard to explain why one would even consider releasing cassette tapes in these digital times - Inferior sound and really inconvenient, right? It seems that we've all grown a little too accustomed to the convenience that music supposedly should be lately. A very disturbing trend, in Siste Sukk’s opinion. Therefore, it seemed only natural to bring back the punk and rebellious esthetics of this lovely format. Siste Sukk releases music often associated with the emotional side of punk – emocore, screamo and hardcore. Some brooding singer/songwriter-material, strange lo-fi and crushing crust sounds have also been released.

Tedragen (“The tea dragon”) is a newly restarted tea import business for internet distribution. Originally “the tea dragon” was started in 2011 by four musicians/producers who all shared a passion for chinese tea. As a result, Tedragen quickly made a name for itself amongst musicians in Norway. The dragon keeps a small, but high quality selection of chinese teas.

Bad Sounds Magazine. Formed by ex-pats and music lovers in the Nor scene, Bad Sounds was born out of a lack. No, not the Lacanian kind. Inspired by 60s beat music journalists, they're one of the rare willing to print an overt attack on the questionable artistry of "underground metal heroes" or the mass idolatry of trending Bergen popstars. Their chief commodity is boundary-pushing music: in their short existence, they've featured Rhys Chatham, Neil Hagerty, KK Null, Damo Suzuki, Shinji Masuko, Melt Banana, Margo Guryan, Gary Wilson, as well as a rare interview with Helios Creed/Chrome.

The Wire is an independent, monthly music magazine covering a wide range of alternative, underground and non-mainstream musics. The Wire celebrates and interrogates the most visionary and inspiring, subversive and radical, marginalised and undervalued musicians on the planet, past and present, in the realms of avant rock, electronica, hiphop, new jazz, modern composition, traditional musics and beyond. Passionate, intelligent and provocative, The Wire wages war on the mundane and the mediocre.

Tiger is an independent record store based in Oslo, Norway. They have been around since -96 and the store’s main focus is on underground music from a wide range of genres: punk, indie, experimental, metal and so on. Tiger work with lots of local stuff, but they also do imports from the best foreign labels.

Torpedo is a non-profit (project-based) organization devoted to the promotion and production of artists’ books, art theory and critical readers in contemporary art. Situated in Trelastgata, Oslo, Torpedo is both a publisher and a bookstore, and occasionally a venue for exhibitions and concerts related to book launches and the process of publishing, or discursive activities like panel discussions and debates.

ENO is a Norway-based Scandinavian music magazine, released quarterly since its first issue in August 2010. In a review of the second issue, Jan Gradvall, one of Scandinavia’s most acknowledged music writers, said that ENO «is the best music magazine in Scandinavia right now, with some of the most original and best ideas I have ever seen in a music magazine». In 2010, it won the award for "best new magazine" in Norway, and is nominated for “best magazine” in 2013. ENO aims to deliver 100 pages of creative and in-depth music journalism about a variety of different genres, Scandinavian and international.

Plastic Strip Press is a label dedicated to release and document Scandinavian avantgardemusic in all genres. It has released unissued jazz, soul and early electronic music from the NRK-, Henie Onstad Kunstsenter- and Arne Bendiksen-archives. PSP also focuses on publishing new Norwegian hip-hop and experimental music.

Prisma Records is a vinyl/CD/DL label dedicated to releasing music performed and recorded at the Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, Høvikodden, Norway. Run by music curators Lars Mørch Finborud and Lasse Marhaug.

Smalltown Supersound is an Oslo based record label, specialising in electronic, rock and pop music. The label was founded 20 years ago, in a small town called Flekkefjord, where the first releases were all hand made and put out on cassette. Today, 245 releases later, Smalltown has aquired a varied and great catalogue, all releases put out purely for the love of the music. STS sister label Smalltown Superjazzz, specialises in releasing avant, cosmic and free jazz, and features artists such as Mats Gustafsson, Peter Brotzmann, Jo McPhee, Kieran Hebden, The Thing and Ken Vandermark.

Kunstnernes Hus
25 January
11:00 - 16:00

Address: Wergelandsveien 17, Oslo