Solveig Nordlund

Friday 23 May 6 pm
Cinemateket - 100/50 kr
In conversation with editor Simon Sellars. Viewing of short films by Nordlund: Journey to Orion (1986), En otrolig semester (1986), Future Now: interview with J.G. Ballard (1987). Followed by a concert with Pinquins performing Øyvind Mæland - Procession and Drought.

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Low-Flying Aircraft (Solveig Nordlund 2002, 80 min)

Thursday 22 May 20:30 and Saturday 24 May 19:00
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First part of J.G. Ballard portrait: Future Now (S. Nordlund, 1986).

Solveig Nordlund is a Swedish-born filmmaker who has produced most of her films in Portugal. In 1980 she made her first feature film Dina e Django and two years later she founded the company Torromfilm. For Torromfilm she produced a number of television programs and films, f.ex. Comédia Infantil based on the Henning Mankell novel, as well as a series of documentaries on writers, among these: Stig Claesson and J. G. Ballard. The latter would continue to characterize her productions through the short films Journey to Orion (1986) and En otrolig semester (1986), based on the short stories Thirteen to Centaurus (1962) og Having a wonderful time (1978), and the feature film Low-Flying Aircraft (2002), an adaptation of the Ballard novel with the same name.

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22 - 24 May 2014

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