Sound Versus System

nyMusikk is one of the curators of Kunsthall Oslo's autumn program which explores sound and image. We will screen a selection of films by Ian Helliwell and UbuWeb archive, with a complementary live program.

Sound Versus System is a nine-week series of screenings, concerts, performances and talks, accompanied by an exhibition of works on paper and a daily cinema and video programme. The series sets out to explore the potential of impure and hybrid forms, experimental relationships between sound and image, and the artistic disruption of both aesthetic and social structures.

Live program

7 November: POING + Feed
9 November: Bill Orcutt + Agnes Hvizdalek
15 November: Kenneth Goldsmith
20 November: Ian Helliwell + Signe Lidén & Jørgen Træen

The film program, and Signe Lidén's sound installation, runs daytime from 11-5 Wednesday - Friday and 12-5 Saturday - Sunday.

Kunsthall Oslo
6-24 November

Address: Trelastgata 3