Off The Page 2015

Karin Krog

Karin Krog presented her favourite songs at an interview with The Wire's Tony Herrington at nyMusikk's Off The Page Oslo festival and will perform at Ultima 2014 together with John Surman 20 September (presented by nyMusikk).

Only Connect Playlist:
Anat Ben-David

Performance artist Anat Ben-David (Chicks On Speed) performed the Ballard inspired piece Melech at Only Connect Festival Of Sound 2014.

Only Connect Playlist:
Alwynne Pritchard

Alwynne Pritchard's piece Kingdom Come had its world premiere at Only Connect Festival Of Sound 2014.

Guest List - Linder Sterling

Playlist curated by Linder Sterling, who will talk about the relationship of costume to sound and music in her visual and performance art - at OCA, 12 December 2013.

Guest List - POING

Playlist by POING, playing the nyMusikk-curated concert with Feed at Kunsthall Oslo's autumn program Sound versus System.

Guest List - Guttorm Andreasen

Playlist by Guttorm Andreasen who leads the nyMusikk Kids workshops.

Machine Dreams - Christian Blom

Playlist by Christian Blom who has composed Sommerfugl/Ensom vandrer/Liten fugl/Halling/Vokterens sang for The Bad Tempered Piano at Only Connect 2013.

Machine Dreams - Øyvind Torvund

Playlist by Øyvind Torvund who has composed Forest Catalogue (A Slide Show In Sound) for The Bad Tempered Piano at Only Connect 2013.

Machine Dreams - Tore Honoré Bøe

Playlist by Tore Honoré Bøe who is performing at The Museum of Mechanical Dreams and Machine Kids at the Only Connect Festival of Sound 2013.

Guest List - William Basinski

"In honor of the suddenly late genius, George Jones, the voice of country music." - W. Basinski

Guest List - Lydia Lunch & Mia Zabelka

Hey Girls

Playlist on the occasion of the International Women's Day  8 March, 2013.


January 2013


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