Susan Stenger's Deep Songs

FABRIKKEN in Kvadraturen
(Dronningens gate 4)
KL. 19:30 (doors 19:00)

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What happens when you combine traditional Norwegian folk music with the noise of an Icelandic volcano?

The title Deep Songs comes from Federico García Lorca’s influential 1922 lecture Deep Song, on the traditional Andalusian 'cante jondo' (deep song) in which he connected its sound and form to fundamental spiritual and natural phenomena.

In Susan Stengers new piece, the melancholic sounds of the fiddle and the low absorbing frequencies of the bass and alto flute are being merged with the sound of so-called deep time taken from the earth’s interior and the transformative processes in volcanic activity.

For this world premiere she has written a piece for acclaimed Hardanger fiddle players Nils Økland and Britt Pernille Frøholm with Stenger on electric bass and alto flute, field recordings and a specially made film by Irish artist Siobhan McDonald.

Supported by Kulturrådet.

Susan Stenger

Susan Stenger has bridged the rock and art music worlds throughout her career. After studying classical flute in Prague, she joined Petr Kotik's New York City-based SEM Ensemble and devoted herself to the performance of new and experimental music, especially that of John CagePhill Niblock and Christian Wolff. She soon began composing and performing her own music for flute and electronics, as well touring with Rhys Chatham's all-electric-guitar group. In 1986 she founded seminal drone-rock guitar group Band of Susans with Robert Poss; who went on to release nine critically acclaimed albums. 

After moving to London in 1996, Stenger formed performance group The Brood and all-bass-band Big Bottom, and began collaborating with acclaimed dancer/ choreographer Michael Clark. Stenger has also collaborated with a wide cast of artists including underground comic legend Alan Moore, author Iain Sinclair and black metal vocalist Attila Csihar. She has toured as bassist with John Cale and Nick Cave, and has composed soundtracks for several films including Pat Collins’ Tim Robinson: Connemara

Nils Økland. Foto: Frederic Boudin.

Nils Økland is a composer and fiddle player, actove in the Norwegian music scene since the 1980s. Økland works in the gray area between folk, classical music, improvisation and contemporary music. In addition to having his own band, consisting of Rolf-Erik Nystrøm, Håkon Stene, Sigbjørn Apeland and Mats Eilertsen, he performs with the trio 1982 and the rock band Lumen Drones. He has made soundtracks for two silent films and for the Oscar nominated short film Tuba Atlantic (2012). Økland has also commissioned works for Borealis Festival, Osafestivalen, NRK, London Sinfonietta and others.

Britt Pernille Frøholm. Foto: Andreas Ulvo.

Britt Pernille Frøholm is a versatile performer who has worked with contemporary music and improvisation on fiddle. She has released several albums and is currently active in the groups MAAR, North Pole Experience, Boreas and Friensemblet. Frøholm is educated at Ole Bull Academy and University College Telemark.

Siobhan McDonald works with paint, sound, photography, drawing and film to explore processes of entropy and geological time. She draws on patterns created by the earth’s rhythms and its ephemeral occurrences to reveal realities that are otherwise imperceptible to the human eye/ear. Her work with “found images” has included early 20th century Jesuit seismograms, ancient coral fossils and monastic records of weather patterns. Recent pieces have developed her preoccupation with multiple levels of “deep time” and transformation in manifestations of the explosive (such as earthquakes and volcanoes) and the gradual (such as the passage of icebergs and movement of glaciers). 

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4 - 6 June 2015

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