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Maja S.K. Ratkje. Foto: Ann Kristin Traaen / nyMusikk.

An obvious site for exploring the deep must be the ocean, and the profound impact of coastal regions on human populations. Composer and performer Maja S.K. Ratkje has been an outspoken force on environmental issues for years. Vannstand (Water Level) is a continuation of this commitment where she unites new music and the inheritors of our planet. 

The life-giving sea has been the basis for growth and development, and now human influence is changing the seemingly eternal cycle along the Norwegian coast. Statistical measurements of water levels form the backbone of Ratkje’s composition. Water levels are constantly moving through weathering, moon phases and climate change. Children who live in the coastal towns Stavanger, Bergen Harstad and Oslo will interpret the musical charts. 

In her work Ratkje lets the children give a voice to nature.

- The children will inherit our planet. Their reflections on the state of the planet and their musical respond to this are essential for the musical result, Ratkje explains.

She further emphasizes the importance of the “beauty of imperfection” which these young performers bring to the music.

- I want an expression that is much tougher and simpler than what you get from adult, professional musicians. 

Foto: Ann Kristin Traaen / nyMusikk.

The first part of Vannstand is a sound installation that will be presented within the iceberg-like walls of the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet on the opening day of Only Connect. Children from Tøyen skole are musicians on the project.

In cooperation with AKS Tøyen skole, Oslo musikk- og kulturskole and the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet. Supported by Norsk kulturråd, Kunstløftet.

Graf fra
Graf fra

Maja S.K. Ratkje is an internationally renowned composer and performer. She works with everything from orchestral music to performance, installations and free improvisation. Her music has been performed by Klangforum Vienna, Ensemble Intercontemporain and all the Norwegian symphony orchestras. She has also composes opera for babies and large electronic works. She is a member of the groups SPUNK and Agrare. 

Only Connect:
The Deep

4 - 6 June 2015

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