Diamanda Galás

See exclusive concert footage from Diamanda Galás’s a cappella concert in Oslo’s Emanuel Vigeland Mausoleum, at the Ultima Contemporary Music Festival, 15 October 2012.

During the 2012 Ultima Festival, the legendary singer and composer Diamanda Galás was the festival's guest of honour. In cooperation with Ultima and the Museum of Contemporary Art, nyMusikk arranged several ‘Galás experiences’ during the festival.

First she went on stage with the KORK Symphony Orchestra on a dark and beautiful September evening in Kanonhallen. Her film Schrei 27 was screened the following day at Cinemateket. But the most special and exclusive performance took place in the Emanuel Vigeland Museum, as Diamanda Galás performed an a cappella recital in the mausoleum.

This rehearsal of ‘Espergesia’ was performed in the resonant Mausoleum, which has an inbuilt 20 second reverberation delay. 

Words by Cesar Vallejo. Composed/sung by Diamanda Galás.

Video from the Ultima Festival

Diamanda Galás.
Diamanda Galás. Foto: Kristofer Buckle.