nyMusikk Kids

What is music and what is just a sound? When does a sound turn to music? What does Arne Nordheim's statement "everything can sing" mean? This is some of the questions nyMusikk Kids explore.

At nyMusikk Kids, children between 6 and 12 years can experiment with electronics in an iPad workshop and meet a relevant musician from the experimental music field. The workshops are lead by Guttorm Andreasen and will be followed by a concert with the children.

The kids will try out various audio apps and have the opportunity to explore and find new ways to listen and play together. Artistic director Anne Hilde Neset expands on the background of the initiative:

- Contemporary music is too often thought of as strict and difficult, even though the music often is all about play and experimentation. Arne Nordheim, for example, said that "all my music is for children", because the children are often the most searching and playful listeners. nyMusikk wants to be a supplement to the entry of pop music and band music in the lives of children, by presenting alternate ways to make music and listen to sounds. Using iPads and music applications as composition tools and instruments, the nyMusikk Kids-workshops will give the opportunity to make sound yourself and in interaction with others, as well as the opportunity to experience an improv concert. For what is a tone, really?