Only Connect Festival Of Sound

Since 2005 nyMusikk has organized an annual festival of adventurous music. The festival has gone under the names Happy Days and Grønland Kammermusikkfestival (Grønland Chamber Music Festival). In 2012, the festival was named Only Connect Festival Of Sound. With an ambitious international programming combined with the best the local scene can offer, Only Connect urges to make new connections between musical landscapes, art forms, musicians and composers.

2019 - Only Connect: Tectonics, 23 - 25 May
For the first time in Stavanger, at RIMI/IMIR, Stavanger Concert Hall and Tou Scene. Program launches in February.

2018 - Only Connect, 25 - 26 May
Only Connect 2018 offers preparations, spectral sounds, electronics, ensembles, installations, performance, solos and machines in beautiful contrast and connection, at Sentralen and Skippergata 22.
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2017 - Only Connect, 18 - 21 May
We repeat last year's success by inviting you to the wonderful premises of Sentralen in Oslo, where you can experience exciting genre meetings and numerous sound explorations in emsemble works, sound art, improvisation and lots more. 

2016 - Tectonics, 20 - 21 May. A curatorial collabroation with the international festival Tectonics, featuring a programme of symphonic music, sound installations, ensemble works, electronics, improvisation, brass bands and noise.

2015 - The Deep, 4 - 6 June. Exploring the sound of the deep, with underwater sounds, an anechoic chamber, shamanistic throat song, deep time, octobass and low frequencies.

2014 - J.G. Ballard, 22 - 24 May
. A music festival inspired by the ideas and the universe of the influential British author J.G. Ballard.

2013 - Machine Dreams, 5 - 8 June. A festival exploring the machine in all its glory. Not only as a paean to obsolete mechanisms and the soundscape that disappears with them, but as a celebration of the machine as a model for thinking. 

2012 - A Tonal View of Times Tomorrow, 7 - 10 June. A festival where the artists explored aspects of time - ideas of time travel, journeys between past, present and future, representations of eternity and artistic visions of the future.

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