Ultima festival 2018: 

nyMusikk 80th Anniversary

Founded by Pauline Hall in 1938, nyMusikk has supported new composers and worked to inform the public about the ever changing forms of contemporary music.

We celebrate 80 years of promoting contemporary sounds with a city tour of Oslo venues that doubles up as a round trip of cutting edge modern music.

Pauline Hall med nyMusikks styre, ca 1958. Bakerst f.v. Alla Hovden Bache-Wiig, Karl Andersen, Robert Levin, Kåre Siem. Foran f.v..: Pauline Hall, Ernst Glaser. Foto: Ukjent/Nasjonalbiblioteket.


Hotel Continental 17:30
The odyssey kicks off with a string trio with Tanja Orning, Lene Grenager and Per Zanussi, plus pianist Ellen Ugelvik, playing chamber music by Kåre Kolberg, Christian Blom (WP) and Pauline Hall.

TBA 18:45
Hans Christian Kjos Sørensen beats himself up with an outdoor rendition of Vinko Globokar’s body percussion classic Corporel.  

St. Edmunds Church 19:15
Lene Grenager’s vocal meditations on texts by Carl von Linné, performed by Sofia Jernberg, Agnes Hvizdalek, Janne Berglund, Eva Landro, Jon Harthug, Eirik Krokfjord.

TBA 19:45 
Hans Christian Kjos Sørensen returns, this time with indoor percussion.

Kulturkirken Jakob 20:30
Three world premieres of new Norwegian compositions by Bente Leiknes Thorsen, Øyvind Mæland and Jan Erik Mikalsen performed by Ensemble Ernst.

Platous gate 18, 22:00 
The journey ends at the nyMusikk HQ with a birthday party and an unconventional world premiere performance from Trond Reinholdtsen and Jennifer Torrence.

17 September 2018, Oslo
17:30 - 23:00

Free entrance (except Ensemble Ernst: tickets)