All Ears Festival for improvised music 2015:

nyMusikk Talks: 
Incapacitants og Lasse Marhaug

Incapacitants. Foto: Ann Iren Ødeby.

Incapacitants are a Japanese noise music group formed in 1981. It consists of Toshiji Mikawa and Fumio Kosakai, whose stated aim is to produce "pure" noise, uninfluenced by musical ideas or even human intention, using primarily feedback, vocals, and various electronics. Kosakai calls this sound "hard noise", as a nod to hard bop.

Lasse Marhaug has since the early 1990s been one of the most active artists in the Norwegian noise/experimental music scene. He is known from groups such as Jazkamer, DEL and Origami Replica, and is one of the veterans of the extreme electronic music scene in Norway. Marhaug works as music curator at Henie Onstad Art Center, produces the fanzine Personal Best, manages his own print publishing Marhaug Forlag and record companies Pica Disk and Prisma Records.

9 January


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