All Ears + nyMusikk present:

Festival opening All Ears 2019

The annual impro festival All Ears opens at nyMusikk in Platous gate 18, Oslo.

Angharad Davies & Lina Lapelyte
Lars Ove Stene Fossheim
Carliot - it’s never too late Orchestra
Karaoke with KJ Scotty Technology

Lina Lapelyte og Angharad Davies.

Angharad and Lina have been collaborating with each for over ten years. Their duo work explores the intimacy and choreography of sound and the interplay between sculpture and performance. This is how David Toop describes it: «Near-darkness. Two violins - Angharad Davies and Lina Lapelyte stand back to back. Slowly, they circle as they play, like the enwrapping of a climber plant ascending its host. A single light illuminates one sliver of hair. The sound is thin, unstable, like a squeaky gate».

Lars Ove Stene Fossheim.

Lars Ove Stene Fossheim is a unique guitar player known from bands such as Broen, Skadedyr and Snøskred. Often heard playing frenetically guitar solos with wiggling feet and hips and a kind of funky Andrian Belew inspired lick lurking in the background. His musical background is as diverse and colorful as the bands mentioned and he carries a great love for British folk-guitarists from the 70’s, Michael Jackson, text based compositions, Norwegian Black Metal from the 90’s, Eivind Mo and Tetuzi Akiyama as well as graphic scores and Beastie Boys. All this and more are shoved into the music of the bands he is a part of. The idea of a “solo guitar project” has been lurking in the back of Lars Ove’s head for a long time, and now it is time to put the idea into life. What a time to be alive!


Carliot is Per-Åke Holmlander’s middle name. Actually, he is the only one in Sweden with that name!!! Per-Åke is in some sense «the tuba world champion» of free bigger bands. He has been (or is) a member or played with bands as Peter Brötzmann Chicago Tentet, Barry Guy New Orchestra, Ken Vandermark Territory Bands & Resonance Ensemble, The Swedish Radio Jazz Group, London Jazz Composers Orchestra, Fire! Orchestra, Fredrik Ljungkvist Yun Kan 10, Mats Gustafsson Nu Ensemble and Paal Nilssen-Love Large Unitamong others. But now it´s time for Per-Åke as a leader and composer. Playing the heard and unheard music from theatre, dance and more. It´s never too late… Now’s the time!
The range of musicians in age, style, experience, ethnicity, gender, etc. is very wide as well as the range of music - Tango, Free Improvisation, Beat, Graphic Notation, Jazz, Ethnic & Contemporary Music, etc.

Julie Kjaer (DK) – alto saxophone & flute
Signe Dahlgreen (DK) – alto & tenor saxophone
Signe Emmeluth (DK) – alto & baritone saxophone
Mikolaj Trzaska (PL) – alto saxophone & bass clarinet
Johan Norin (SE) – trumpet
Susana Santos Silva (PT) – trumpet
Steve Swell (US) – trombone
Elsa Bergman (SE) – bass
Christopher Cantillo (SE) – drums
Tim Daisy (US) – drums
Per-Åke Holmlander (SE) – tuba & leader

Company Fuck
is a one-man noisecore karaoke explosion. Known for his energetic and unpredictable live shows, Company Fuck simultaneously performs (and parodies) the roles of DJ, MC, singer, and dancer in an irreverent yet loving way which satirizes musicians, the music business, and music in general. From improvised pop/noise cut-ups to sexually psychedelic costumes, Company Fuck brings a futuristic approach to live performance with a totally interactive show that transcends the limitations of good musicianship and good taste. In his own unique way, Company Fuck transforms the stage into a hyperviolent karaoke bar of the future - and he may even persuade the audience to sing along. 

Company Fuck (or CxFx) is the high-energy anecdote to other laptop musicians. As a live wireless music monster, he is able to fast-forward through an entire rainbow of musical styles with every tortured scream or dirty dance move. CxFx takes the crowd on a high-speed ride through a compressed history of music, including hardcore, rave, and noise, with interludes of plundered pop and passionate karaoke. CxFx sounds like one man conjuring a million artists together for a bloody entangled mess of manic audio intercourse and copyright infringement. Nobody is safe from the CxFx treatment.

10 January 2019

Doors: 18:30
Address: Platous gate 18, Oslo

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Day pass: kr 350/250 (student, honnør, ufør, medlem)
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