All Ears opening concert:
Kim Myhr / Axel Dörner + Jooklo Duo + Ken Vandermark

Jooklo Duo. Foto: presse.

Kim Myhr
Guitarist Kim Myhr tours the world as a solo performer with various bands and has over the years established a strong reputation in Australia, through his collaboration with Jim Denley and the band Mural. He is constantly searching for sonic treasures and approaches music with an open and patient behavior .

Axel Dörner
Berlin-based Dörner, a trumpeter, sound artist and genre switch, can be considered a mainstay of European improvised music. His dedication has given a new dimension and weight to the trumpet and improvised music.

Jooklo Duo
Relentlessly touring duo from Italy. Saxophone and drums thundered off, raw and direct, like a perpetual energy charge. Hard hitting, speeded free jazz / noise with scissors tone that can shatter glass. Virginia Genta and David Vanzana, the two members constituting Jooklo Duo, also have an exciting, on-going collaboration with Bill Nace .

Ken Vandermark
Vandermark has, for almost three decades, been a very important figure in the Chicago scene. Not only as a musician, but as an organizer, initiator and a strong driving force in the local scene of creative music. The Oslo audience is able to experience Vandermark in two very different settings at this year's All Ears festival.

All Ears Festival for Improvised Music is an annual festival for improvised music, held in Oslo, Norway. All Ears is a non-profit festival by music enthusiasts for music enthusiasts, organized by musicans Guro Moe, Paal Nilssen-Love and Jon Rune Strøm.

9 January
7 pm

Day ticket: 250 / 200 (stud.)
Festival pass (Thur-Sat) 600 / 500 (stud.)

More info at All Ears.