Alvin Lucier in Oslo, 5 - 14 September

Alvin Lucier. Foto: Gee Smith.

Alvin Lucier has with his experiments in the 60's revolutionized the way we think about sound. nyMusikk has in cooperation with Ultima - Oslo Contemporary Music Festival, Henie Onstad Kunstsenter and Atelier Nord invited Lucier to Oslo for solo performances, ensemble performance (neoN), installation and lectures at the Ultima 2013, 9 - 14 September.

Alvin Lucier (b. 1931) is an American legend in composition and sound art. He is a composer and sound artist who explores acoustic phenomena and auditory perception. As a music professor at Wesleyan University, Lucier was a member of the influential Sonic Arts Union. Much of his work is influenced by science and explores the physical properties of sound itself, like resonance in spaces and transmission of sound through physical media. Through explorations of the sound's acoustic and psychoacoustic properties at a micro level, Lucier has been a key figure in the development of electronic music, through acts such as the influential avant-garde group Sonic Arts Union.

Solo concert
8 September - Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, 2:30 pm

Lucier in concert at the Henie Onstad art center where he will perform one of his most famous works: Music For Solo Performer.

Alvin Lucier Q&A + Peter Weibel + Alwynne Pritchard
9 September - nyMusikk, 2 pm

Part of Ultima Academy. With Alvin Lucier, Peter Weibel, Anne Hilde Neset (nyMusikk) and Alwynne Pritchard (Borealis Festival). Lucier in conversation with Neset about his search for new ways to stage sound.

Alvin Lucier & The Norwegian Radio Orchestra
11 September - NRK Store Studio, 6 pm

The Norwegian Radio Orchestra will perform Exploration of the House by Alvin Lucier. KORK will also perform commissioned work by Christian Wallumrød.

The Norwegian Radio Orchestra (Norwegian: Kringkastingsorkestret, KORK) is a Norwegian orchestra affiliated with the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK). The Norwegian Radio Orchestra is the orchestra that practically everyone living in Norway know and cherish. And quite a few people elsewhere in the world, not least through the annual worldwide televised Nobel Peace Prize Concerts.Its principal base is the Store Studio at the NRK headquarters in Oslo.

Alvin Lucier & Ensemble neoN
11 September - Fagerborg kirke, 10 pm

I Am Sitting In A Room (Alvin Lucier)
Two Circles (Ensemble neoN)
Silver Streetcar for the Orchestra (Soloist: Håkon Stene)

Ensemble neoN strives to initiate, produce and perform music that reflects current trends in music and other artforms. neoN hopes to be an inspirational contributor to the continually expanding borders of the musical world. The ensemble creates works which cross musical genres and artforms, demanding flexibility and creativity from ensemble members and those the ensemble collaborates with.

Installation: Empty Vessels
5 - 14 September - Atelier Nord ANX

Alvin Lucier's soundscape installation Empty Vessels will be exhibited at ANX. Open daily from 1 – 6 pm throughout the Ultima Festival. From 15.-29.09. open from Thursday – Sunday from 1 – 7 pm.

Eight glass containers, vases, and other vessels of different shapes and sizes are arranged in a row, each on its own pedestal. Microphones are placed in the mouths of the vessels and the sounds picked up from them are sent to speakers placed on pedestals that face the vessels. The sounds from the speakers create acoustic feedback, thus creating resonances inside each vessel. The shape of each vessel, as well as the presence of people within the space, cause corresponding alterations in the sounds.

Opening September 4th, 2013 at 7 pm, Atelier Nord ANX, Olaf Ryes plass 2, 0552 Oslo, entrance from Sofienberggt.

Dates for Lucier's performances in Oslo (more info in main text):

Solo concert
Henie Onstad Kunstsenter
8 September
2:30 pm

Q&A with Alvin Lucier
9 September
2 pm

Alvin Lucier and KORK
NRK Store Studio
11 September
6 pm

Alvin Lucier and Ensemble neoN
Fagerborg kirke
11 September
10 pm