Bill Orcutt + Agnes Hvizdalek

Bill Orcutt.

Former guitarist and founder of the duo Harry Pussy (later a trio) Bill Orcutt’s sound is a stuttered reimagining of blues guitar. One can hear familiar Southern folk scales between Orcutt’s jagged solo acoustic phrases, pulling and pushing melodies into unresolved fragments that eventually come unmoored in vast and satisfying note-torrents.

Harry Pussy was a noise rock band from Miami, active from 1992 to 1997. The main members were Bill Orcutt on guitar and vocals and Adris Hoyos on drums and vocals. The often violent and sexually charged music of Harry Pussy is still well-regarded and highly influential in the noise and noise rock scenes. Bill Orcutt's guitar playing was almost exclusively atonal, and performed on a four-string guitar.

Agnes Hvizdalek (1987) has developed an individual vocabulary of sounds using her voice as an instrument. Her works include solo performances, live sound installations and collaborations with Harald Fetveit, Kristin Andersen (SPUNK), Norwegian Noise Orchestra, among others. She is in charge of the international improvising orchestra ÖNCZkekvist.

Agnes Hvizdalek. Foto: Harald Fetveit.

Kunsthall Oslo
9 November
8 pm

Doors open at 7 pm.
150/100 (members/students) kr.

Sound versus System
6 - 24 November

nyMusikk is one of the curators of Kunsthall Oslo's autumn program which explores sound and image. Screenings include films by Ian Helliwell and UbuWeb archive with a complementary live program.

7 November: POING + Feed
9 November: Bill Orcutt
15 November: Kenneth Goldsmith
20 November: Ian Helliwell + Signe Lidén & Jørgen Træen

The film program, and Signe Lidén's sound installation, runs daytime from 11-5 Wednesday - Friday and 12-5 Saturday - Sunday.

Harry Pussy.