Bergen: Black Packers

Black Packers

Black Packers is a feedback based music duo by John Hegre, one half of Norwegian heavy noise act Jazkamer and sound artist Jean-Philippe Gross, gleefully, paying homage to the tourists coming to Norway to seek out their favorite black metal stars.

John Hegre is half of Norwegian power noise duo Jazkamer and the latest addition to Noxagt. His guitar and sound work is heard on numerous releases both solo and in collaboration with Maja S.K. Ratkje, Lasse Marhaug, Public Enema, Kaptein Kaliber and others.

Jean-Philippe Gross is involved in the field of improvisation and experimental music since late 90′s, longtime collaboration with Xavier Charles, Clare Cooper, Jérôme Noetinger, Will Guthrie, John Hegre & Jazkamer. Hegre and Gross, armed with guitar & Serge Modular synth, dive deeper into the realm of feedback than you ever thought you wanted to go.

Bergen Kjøtt
16 August

Entrance: kr 80/free for nyMusikk members