Bergen: Borealis Festival 2013

The theme of the Borealis Festival 2013 is "The End." The festival will be about endings, old age, obsolescence and decay. That will define a broad range, from apocalyptic visions, horror music, old musical instruments and mechanical devices, acoustic decay, to aging and death. Although much of this may seem dark, Borealis 2013 will explore positive and creative experiences that can be linked to that of finishing something.

nyMusikk Bergen at Borealis:

6 March - BIR Avfallsenergi
Bir Avfallsenergi, Rådalen, 7 pm
In Lasse Marhaugs solo piece for the opening of the Borealis Festival, Søppelmusikk (for to avfallsovner) (Waste music (for two furnaces)) - commissioned by Ny Music Bergen –  Marhaug wil recycle BIR Energiavfall’s audio qualities in realtime. With a variety of microphones placed around the building, Marhaug will use the plants characteristic sounds in his own live remix. The audience will in fact experience the sonic recycling of a waste plant.

Notations project performance, performed by Kasper Gulbrandsen, Bjarte Baade Sandal, Haavard Tveito.

About Notations: 
nyMusikk Bergen has invited four remarkable improvising musicians to interpret the same artwork/score by the Italian Bergen-based artist Andrea Spreafico in their own way – an artwork inspired by the Borealis theme The End. NMB are challenging both the artist and the musicians: what shapes can graphical notation possibly take, how will improvising musicians intuitively interpret an unconventional score? Improvising musicians often deal with the same issue: How can you continually surprise or challenge yourself? In this experiment, the musicians are presented with an artwork they will have to musically interpret, with hardly any time to prepare. Will this drive them into unknown territory, or make them hold on to their darlings even more? What spontaneous sonic output will come from the visual input?

Andrea Spreafico (born 1976), has a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Bologna (2006) and a post-graduate Diploma in Art and Public Space from the Academy of Fine Arts of Nuremberg (2008). He is a freelance artist and writer based in Bergen. His recent works focus on the material conditions of representation, especially in its relation to death. Since 2011 he has been a teacher at the Bergen School of Architecture.

7 March - Jerome Noetinger
Ludus Gravis - Solheim kapell, 7 pm
Notations project:
Born in France, Jérôme Noetinger is one of the central figures of contemporary experimental music, both as a musician, organizer and driving force. First and foremost he is an improviser and composer of musique concrète. Member of the supergroup MIMEO, Quintet Avant and Cellule d’Intervention Metamkine, Noetinger is performing both solo and in ensembles, utilizing the reel to reel tape recorder Revox A77 and magnetic tape, analogue synthesizers, mixing desks, speakers, microphones, various electronic household objects and home-made electronica.

8 March - Christian Wallumrød + Morten J Olsen
Østre, 11 pm
Notations project:
Pianist Christian Wallumrød has worked as a musician and composer since 1992, and he is considered one of the most prominent musicians of the younger Norwegian generation. Best known for his acoustic work with his own Christian Wallumrød Ensemble, Dans Les Arbres, and the electronic free-rock trio Close Erase. Wallumrød has generally focused on small and fixed ensembles, both as a performer and a composer. Over the years he has also done several solo performances and participated in
various ad hoc constellations within the field of improvised music.

The Berlin based, ex-Amsterdammer and exile Norwegian Morten J. Olsen is a musician, composer and improviser best known for his work as a drummer with the Norwegian heavy-metal musique concrete duo MoHa! and the experimental chamber-rock band Ultralyd. Olsen represents one of Norway’s most unique voices in the cross-field between improvised and composed music. Recently he has been exploring the inner sonics of a rotating bass drum, in duo with Robin Hayward, in trio with Chris Heenan and Michael Vorfeld, with the Splitter Orchester, with electronics and simply solo.

9 March - David Stackenäs
Visningsrommet USF, 2 pm
Notations project:
David Stackenäs has been thriving on the free improvised music and jazz scene in Sweden since 1998. With his acoustic sound and his percussive energy Stackenäs clearly is Sweden’s most creative and original guitar player today. He performs and records in the ensembles Seval, Animes, Tri-Dim, and in duos with reedists Martin Küchen and Mats Gustafsson. He has toured with Mats Gustafsson’s NU-ensemble and members of Sonic Youth, Loren Mazzacane Connors and Jim O’Rourke.

Lasse Marhaug
Lasse Marhaug. Foto: Peter Gannushkin
Jérôme Noetinger.
Jérôme Noetinger. Foto: presse
Christian Wallumrød.
Christian Wallumrød. Foto: Urban Willi / ECM Records