Machine Dreams 5 - 8 June
Cracked Codes

Maia Urstads Soundbarrier. Foto: Gustav Midboe.

Oren Ambarchi’s forceful hymn to the power and intensity of the rock machine, Dave Tompkins’ love letter to the vocoder and Maia Urstad’s elegy for FM noise.

Oren Ambarchi
The Australian guitarist presents the live version of Knots, the centrepiece of his 2012 album Audience Of One (Touch). Ambarchi has worked with everyone from Fennesz, Charlemagne Palestine, Thomas Brinkmann, Phill Niblock, Jim O’Rourke, Keiji Haino, SunnO))) and more. Knots is a forceful hymn to the power and intensity of the rock machine.

Oren Ambarchi (guitar), Joe Talia (drums), Crys Cole (objects), James Rushford (leader, string quartet) and string players.

Dave Tompkins
How to Wreck a Nice Beach
In his book How To Wreck a Nice Beach (2011), American writer Dave Tompkins traces the amazing history of the vocoder, from its invention as a speech recognition device at Bell Labs in 1928 to its use in Nazi research labs and Stalin’s gulags, right up to its more recent incarnation as a voice-modulating effects box.

Maia Urstad
Crackle Stories
As standard radio technology moves from analogue to DAB, a whole world of sound will be lost: the strange yet familiar tuning noise found in the gaps between stations. Sound artist Maia Urstad’s performance is a wireless composition in which she makes a live mix of voices and interference noise from radios around the world and sends it to portable radios held by members of the audience. An elegy for a vanishing region of the sound spectrum.

DJ Dave Tompkins

Blå Club
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DJ Edvard
DJ Torkildsen Live
Lapalux (Brainfeeder)

7 June
8 pm

Kr 150 / 100


Sold at, Narvesen, 7-eleven and at the venue.

Dave Tompkins. Foto: presse.