Helliwell + Lidén & Træen

Still picture. Ian Helliwell.

A self-taught multi-media artist living in Brighton since 1985, Ian Helliwell has amassed a large body of work through a synthesis of analogue and digital equipment, using various hands-on techniques to realise his ideas. His intuitive approach embraces both antiquated and contemporary technology, and his many years of audio-visual experience incorporates music, film, animation, analogue electronics, instrument building, collage, installations, light show projection, live performance, writing and film programming.

He has made over 70 short experimental films screened worldwide, and years of experimentation with building and modifying 9v circuitry, has led to the design and construction of his unique series of Hellisizers and Hellitron tone generators, used to make the soundtracks to nearly all his films. He runs an Analogue Sound Workshop from his flat, to pass on to students some of his techniques with electronics and tape loops, which he is still absorbed in making. 

With a long held interest in abstract animation, world’s fairs and electronic music, since 2008 he has been researching and collecting material for his radio/podcast series The Tone Generation. His first feature length documentary film, Practical Electronica, was completed in 2011, and he has contributed to the recent various artists album Interpretations on FC Judd, as well as compiling the anthology of Judd's music. Ian is currently writing an A-Z book on early British electronic music composers, due to be published in Autumn 2014. More information: ianhelliwell.co.uk

Ian Helliwell's new film Travelling Waveforms (2013) will premiere at Kunsthall Oslo, and will run daytime from 11-5 Wednesday - Friday and 12-5 Saturday - Sunday.

Travelling Waveforms (2013, 4`40) Super 8 footage filmed off the screen of a vintage oscilloscope is the basis for this abstract film, which shows waveform patterns generated with an electronic sound input. The footage has been treated with bleach, then the colours were inverted, and a soundtrack made using Hellitron tone generators.

Signe Lidén.

Signe Lidén (1981) makes sound installations and improvised performances that deals with resonance of places and objects. Her installations are often sonic and spatial examinations of social and cultural phenomena through an experiential form of research. Lidén holds a MA in Fine Art from the Bergen Academy of Art and Design and the Nordic Sound Art joint master’s programme.

Jørgen Træen is a musician and producer based in Bergen. He has been central in several acclaimed bands and projects, like Golden Serenades, Toy, Slut Machine, Jazkamer, Haus of Hiss and Der Brief. As producer he runs Duper Studio with Yngve Sætre.

The concert will take place in Lidéns installation alltid at Kunsthall Oslo, where the ventilation pipes in the ceiling is converted into one large speaker. The work plays on manipulations of the ambiance of the exhibition space. Drones triggered by electromagnetic resonators of the tubes, moving in and out of the consciousness; from being experienced as omnipresent  to become background noise. The concert snakes and ladders will build upon the feedback setup of the installation( the pipes are a speaker and plays the sound of itself) but additional stations under the ceilings will be built with analog and modified electronics and played by Jørgen Træen and Signe Lidén standing on ladders.

Kunsthall Oslo
20 November
8:00 pm

Doors open at 7 pm.

See Ian Helliwell in performance at Oslo S, 12:00, 20 November.

Sound versus System
6 - 24 November

nyMusikk is one of the curators of Kunsthall Oslo's autumn program which explores sound and image.
Screenings include films by Ian Helliwell and UbuWeb with a complementary live program.

7 November: POING + Feed
9 November: Bill Orcutt
15 November: Kenneth Goldsmith
20 November: Ian Helliwell + Signe Lidén & Jørgen Træen