Frode Haltli, Cikada duo + Elisabeth Holmertz and Gaute Vikdal performs Arne Nordheim

Arne Nordheim på Høvikodden. Foto: HOK arkiv.

The classic Nordheim. Six of the master's compositions are performed by some of Norway´s foremost musicians. The concerts are presented in association wth the Arne Nordheim exhibition which opens at the Henie Onstad Kunstsenter 23 August. Read more about the exhibition at

Dinosauros (1971)
Flashing (1986)
Frode Haltli, accordion

In Dinosauros for accordion and tape, Nordheim recreates a prehistoric world. Titles as Nachruf and Spur testifies his sensitivity to and respect for the past. By choosing texts from Greek mythology and great historical philosophers, and by drawing inspiration from the music of antiquity, Nordheim tries to illuminate his own time. On Flashing for solo accordion Nordheim presents a vast scope of his compositional experience.

Frode Haltli (b. 1975) began playing the accordion at the age of seven. His debut album Looking on Darkness was released on the prestiguos German record label ECM in 2002. It was well received and he won a Norwegian Grammy for best contemporary music album. Haltli has a broad repertoire of contemporary classical works, including several concertos for the accordion, appearing with string orchestras such as the Trondheim Soloists, sinfoniettas and symphonic orchestras world wide.

Fem Kryptofonier (2001)
Link (1993)
Bjørn Rabben, percussion
Kenneth Karlsson, piano
Elisabeth Holmertz, vocal

Fem Kryptofonier was commissioned by Cikada Duo and premiered in Culture Jakob in 2001 together with Hilde Torgersen. When the notes were delivered to the musicians, the work was unfinished and Nordheim's ideas were further developed in dialogue with Cikada Duo through workshop-like samples. The texts are taken from the Greek poet Arkhilokhos, who lived 600 BC. Arkhilokhos is well known for his lush language and is one of the earliest known Greek authors who chose the theme from his own feelings and experiences. The only thing that today is preserved by Arkhilokhos texts are fragments of poems. The work is sung in ancient Greek as it was composed for the premiere.

Arne Nordheim contacted Cicada Duo in the early 1990s. He wanted to create an electric and updated version of Office Response III, adapted Cikada Duos crew. Cikada Duos percussionist Bjørm Rabben restated the four percussion to one vote, and Kenneth Karlsson transferred the church organ to synthesizer. The electronics were processed by Arne Nordheim together with sound engineer Mats Claesson. The restated version was named Link, and was premiered in Oslo Concert Hall in 1993.

Den svenske sopranen Elisabeth Holmertz har et repertoar som spenner fra middelalder til nåtid via barokk, viser, eksperimentelt musikkteater og senromantikk, men hun har arbeidet mest med tidligmusikk og nyskreven musikk. Holmertz har studert ved Norges musikkhøgskole og på Hochschule für Musik Köln. Hun har vært solist med de mest framtredende ensemblene og orkestrene i Skandinavia, bl.a. Norsk Kammerorkester, Kringkastingsorkestret og Oslo Sinfonietta,

The return of the Snark (1987)
Bjøllo i fjelle (2006)
Gaute Vikdal, trombone and lur

Trombonist Gaute Vikdal graduated from Musikkhøyskolen in Norway and Mannes College, New York City, USA. He is employed in Stavanger Symphony Orchestra and has extensive work as a soloist and chamber musician. Together with Arne Nordheim, he has developed several of his trombone plays. At the concert on Høvikodden 6th October Vikdal performs The return of the Snark for trombone and Bjøllo i fjelle for "lur". Both works are played with electronic playback. The performance takes place in conjunction with Gaute Vikdal´s launch of a new CD with Arne Nordheim works.

Henie Onstad Kunstsenter
6 October
2 pm

Entrance to concerts are included in museum ticket:
kr 80 / 60 / 50.

Arne Nordheim på Høvikodden. Foto: HOK arkiv.

In collaboration with Henie Onstad Kunstsenter and Arne Nordheim-senteret.

Interview with Arne Nordheim at, 19 May 2003 by Julian Cowley.