nyMusikk and Henie Onstad Kunstsenter present:

Lene Grenager
Ensemble Zwischentöne
Jon Wesseltoft

For the Bjarne Melgaard and Leonard Rickhard exhibition finissage, nyMusikk and Henie Onstad Art Center present a concert day at Høvikodden. The Norwegian cellist and composer Lene Grenager has written a new commissioned work inspired by the paintings of Leonard Rickhard, which will be performed by the world famous Ensemble Zwischentöne.

The Norwegian noise and electronics musician Jon Wesseltoft, who previously has worked with Bjarne Melgaard, will perform an exclusive concert in Melgaard's exhibition. For this performance he will use computer and tapes. 

Ensemble Zwischentöne.

Lene Grenager on the piece:

reconstruction / landscape with machines
Work for Ensemble Zwischentöne, sampler and an orchestra of sewing machines.

Leonard Rickhards work consists mainly of dense birch forests, building sites and vast arrays of machinery combined with detailed renderings of machine parts and model fragments, all in a carefully calculated mathematical perspective. His paintings are quiet and motionless. Time has come to a halt and there are seldom human figures interacting. The machines and the surrounding nature are sort of measuring each other in a silent stand still before or after an industrial take over.

My work for Zwischentöne deals with a scenario true for many small industries and towns in Norway. The stand still of machines has left small towns and communities quiet and robbed of their former identities as producers of shoes, cloth and paper. The reason for this is always money. New machines and good working conditions create products that have a high quality but are too expensive in a global market.

My work comprises sounds from the textile industry: both an imagined soundscape of a factory environment, real samples of industrial sounds and live sound from an orchestra of sewing machines.

Lene Grenager. Foto: Gjertrud Pedersen.

Ensemble Zwischentöne was founded by the composer Peter Ablinger in 1988 in Berlin. As it was in the beginning, the Ensemble remains comprised by a mixture of professional and semi-professional musicians, even non-musicians. This conscious mixture was conceived as a mechanism to avoid the pitfalls of conservatory training, the limits of the virtuoso, and to ensure the constant questioning of boundaries that is the Ensemble’s mission. In the early years, the Ensemble focused on the collaborations with Berlin-based artists; in the meantime, it acts internationally. Its focus is the link between music and the arts – all works since (& before!) the 20th-century that question the fundemental conditions & assumptions of music-making and performance. 

Lene Grenager is a Norwegian cellist and composer within contemporary music. She is a graduate of the Norwegian Academy of Music (1988-1993). She plays in the improvisation group SPUNK, the Lemur quartet and has a duo with the Swedish singer Sofia Jernberg. She has written works for Affinisensemble, Trio Alpaca and several other Norwegian and foreign ensembles. She is also active as a conductor. She is the recipient of Lindemanprisen (youth, 2002) and Statens arbeidsstipend (2002-04).

Jon Wesseltoft is an improviser, composer and sound artist living in Oslo.  He has been active since the late 1990s both as a solo artist and in various projects within longform music, metal, noise, improvisation, sound art and drone.

Henie Onstad Kunstsenter
10 May

Free with museum ticket (kr 80/50).

Supported by Norsk Kulturråd and Goethe-Institut Norge.

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