nyMusikk Nordland presenterer:

Meri Nikula: Talking Nymphs

nyMusikk Nordland is looking forward to present a site specific performance by the Finnish artist Meri Nikula

We invite you to join us in the beautiful nature of Lofoten and explore this amazing place. On the small road fv 807 towards Nusfjord we will meet Meri and experience her voice in connection with the magnificent mountain formation that will create the backdrop for her performance.

Meri Nikula.

Performance with Echoes.

One female voice multiplied in the vastness of a landscape that returns the voices. An abstract ritual to honour the beauty of the natural echo. A concert and a dancing prayer. 


There is a fascinating new area of science that I have recently heard about: Acoustic Archeology. One of the areas of study is the acoustics of sacred sites. Often there is a special acoustic phenomena that can be found, such as a very special echo, connected to places where art has been created and rituals practiced. Places where rock carvings could be found, for example, could have been chosen partly by their acoustic environment. It is likely that the echo was considered being created by spirits or gods, perhaps favouring this specific site. 

On the way to Nusfjord there is a beautiful place with extraordinary echo. Has someone tried connecting with the spirit world, at one point of history, to get the echo to reply? Could there be some spirits that could be spoken to? Would they enjoy to sing and dance as well?

27 January 2018
Nusfjord, Flakstadøya

Kr 100 / 50 (members nyMusikk)

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