nyMusikks komponistgruppe:
Opening of nu:nord 2014

Thursday 7 August 2014 nu:nord opens an exciting week of events and concerts in Oslo, with an intimate evening at nyMusikk.

Tre Voci Cello Ensemble.

Beavan Flanagan (CA): Grillo — for solo violin (2013)
Stine Sørlie (NO): Trifolia — for three cellos (2013)
Luke Nickel (CA): Factory (2014)
John Lely (UK): During — for three cellos (2013)
Isaiah Ceccarelli (CA): Oslo Harmonies — for violin and percussion (2014)

+ a selection of renaissance music, arranged and performed by Tre Voci.

Mira Benjamin (CA), violin
Isaiah Ceccarelli (CA), percussion 
Tre Voci Cello Ensemble: 
Torun Sæter Stavseng (NO), cello
Gregor Riddell (UK), cello
Colin Alexander (UK), cello


7 August
8 pm