Tapestry: Reord release with NMK and Telemark kammerorkester

On the album Tapestry, Telemark Chamber Orchestra presents seven works by up-and-coming Norwegian composers, all members of nyMusikk's Composers’ Group, conducted by the orchestra's artistic director Lars-Erik ter Jung.

As two standard-bearers for the latest music, both parties entered into this cooperation with a shared vision of setting high artistic standards. The works on this recording were premiered largely in 2014, when the 200th anniversary of the Norwegian constitution served as a springboard to reflect concepts such as identity, history, tradition, culture and nature, from both a national and international perspective - but primarily to focus on how through close cooperation the creative and performance fields can find new answers to questions of innovation and timelessness, thus pointing forward to the next 200 years.

In the CD booklet that comes with the exclusive physical edition of Tapestry, the listener can read more about the thoroughness of this cooperation, as well as the seven composers in conversation around ways in which their works form individual expressions, as well as reflect and illuminate each other.

nyMusikks komponistgruppe (NMK) is an organization for composers and sound artists at the beginning of their careers. NMK is one of nyMusikk’s nine departments, and organizes a variety of concerts, workshops and seminars each year, in cooperation with professional musicians, ensembles and festivals in Norway and abroad. NMK presents around 30 world premieres each year, and through keen awareness of emerging voices, NMK is able to present the freshest drivers and the latest trends, and to play an important role in exploring innovative ideas and the potential and flexibility of today’s experimental music scene.

Telemark Chamber Orchestra (TCO) is a professional string orchestra established in 1992. The Norwegian violinist and conductor Lars-Erik ter Jung has been the orchestra's artistic director from the beginning until the present day. The orchestra's repertoire includes both early classical music and contemporary music. Through recordings and productions in which commissions played a central role, Lars-Erik ter Jung has contributed to putting new music in new contexts, and to establishing the orchestra as one of the leading ensembles in the field. From 2016 the orchestra will no longer be associated with the region of Telemark, and this CD marks the transition to a new era for the orchestra.

Fabra is behind releases by both Telemark Chamber Orchestra and nyMusikk's komponistgruppe. "Tapestry" is NMK's third album, and TCO's fifth.

The album is supported by Arts Council Norway and The Norwegian Society of Composers.

2 March
Kl. 15:30 

Free admission
Light refreshments served

Program starts 15:50.
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