NMK presents: nu:nord ensemble

This fall, nyMusikks composer group (NMK) will present a selection of  emerging composers and performers at the nyMusikk venue. The first concert will be August 8 with nu:nord ensemble.

Mira Benjamin.
Mira Benjamin. Foto: Paul Newcombe

nu:nord is an artistic network consisting of young Norwegian, British and Canadian musicians and composers. As a warmup to the great nu:nord conference festival in Oslo in 2014, NMK will already this year present the musicians, who will perform a program consisting of new music from all three countries, some of them with electronics and choreography.

The ensemble:
Silje Aker Johnsen (NO), voice
Mira Benjamin (CA), violin
Torun Sæter Stavseng (NO), cello
Gregor Riddell (UK), cello
Colin Alexander (UK), cello

NMK is an organization for composers and sound artists in the beginning of their careers. NMK  is one of nyMusikk’s nine departments, and organizes several concerts, workshops and seminars each year.

8 August

100,- / 50;-

Detailed program at nu:nord.ca