Off The Page Oslo 2016

Off The Page Oslo is a one-day festival devoted to music criticism, audio culture and sonic experiences featuring a host of international speakers.

In addition to the programme there will be a free independent music fair. There will be vinyl, cassettes, fanzines, comics, books, posters, effect pedals and lots more for sale. Remember to bring cash.

Free admission to screening of music documentaries. The three films will be screened two times each. 


You can choose between an all-day ticket for the whole festival or a half-day ticket for the day- or evening programme. 

Day programme (12:00 - 17:00)

12:00 SIDSEL ENDRESEN - artist talk
Sidsel Endresen is a unique artist on the Norwegian as well as the international jazz scene with her ground breaking vocal improvisation. 

Vagant presents: Synne Øverland Knudsen, Lars Petter Hagen and Morten Jørgensen in conversation with Audun Lindholm. 

Lunch break

15:00 MATTHEW COLLIN - pop and revolution
Author Matthew Collin in conversation with Anne Hilde Neset on music used as an agent of change – from radical rap to anarchist sound systems, from pop propaganda in authoritarian states to musical resistance in Russia.

16:00 DAVID KEENAN - extreme music
Musician, critic and biographer of Coil, Current 93 and Nurse With Wound, David Keenan, gives us an audio-visual talk on extreme music and industrial culture.

Evening programme (17:30 - 22:30)

17:30 TANJA ORNING - out of the score
Cellist Tanja Orning on performing scored music.

18:00 TORE STAVLUND - Milky Disco
Via Stanley Kubrick’s Korova Milkbar and Pink Floyd's cover cow, Tore Stavlund explores the role of milk in human's culture and society.

18:30 Panel: EPIPHANIES - life changing encounters with music
Artist and composer Lina Lapelytė, free jazz drummer Paal Nilssen-Love and Darkthrone’s Gylve Fenris Nagell bring a piece of music which changed their lives and are brought together to discuss musical revelations, in conversation with The Wire editor Derek Walmsley. 

Dinner break

21:00 SUE HARDING - the secret world of movie sounds
Foley artist Sue Harding presents some of the secret sound making techniques used in sound effects for film and TV. Preceded by a screening of the short film The Secret World of Foley

22:00 ÁNDE SOMBY - wolf yoik
Ánde Somby yoiks salmon, grouse, bear, crow and mosquitoe, but his signature yoik is the traditional wolf yoik. Come to Kunstnernes Hus to experience his expressive performance of animal yoiks. 

The festival is presented by nyMusikk and The Wire magazine. It was instigated by The Wire in 2011. The first two editions took place in Whitstable, with the third, curated by nyMusikk, taking place in Oslo in January 2014. Since then another festival has taken place in Bristol (September 2014) and Oslo (January 2015).

Off The Page is supported by Kulturrådet, Oslo kommune, Fritt Ord, Bergesenstiftelsen and Norsk Komponistforening. 

Kunstnernes Hus
23 January
11:00 - 22:00

Programme 12:00 - 22:00
Music fair 11:00 - 16:00
Film programme 12:00 - 20:00

Fee all-day ticket: kr 300 / 250 (member)
Half-day ticket (12:00-17:00/17:00-22:00): Kr 200
Limited places. 

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