Only Connect Festival of Sound:
Machine Dreams

Machine Dreams is a festival exploring the machine in all its glory. Not only as a paean to obsolete mechanisms and the soundscape that disappears with them, but as a celebration of the machine as a model for thinking. 

Only Connect brings you celebrations of the vanishing white noise between FM stations where voices are heard fading in and out of range; an examination of the vocoder, a human-voice scrambling machine born within the US military which went on to define the sound of electro; explorations of time machines; mechanical pianos; machines transforming images into sound and vice versa; customised sonic tools as well as obsolete technology which seemed to offer the possibility of communication with another world altogether.

Anne Hilde Neset
Artistic Director, nyMusikk


Wednesday 5 June

Guitar Machine
Transformer, 18:00
Ullevålsveien 75

Guitar Machine by Nils Henrik Asheim and Alf Terje Hana for 50 guitarists. Outdoor performance.

The Bad Tempered Piano
Kunstnernes Hus, 20:00

Conlon Nancarrow
George Antheil
Fernand Léger
Rex Lawson
Øyvind Torvund
Christian Blom
and more

Thursday 6 June

The Bruce Lacey Experience
Cinemateket, 14:00

Documentary film by Jeremy Deller & Nick Abrahams.

The Museum of Mechanical Dreams
Teknisk Museum, 19:00-23:00

Ina Pillat
Bjørn Erik Haugen
Aki Onda
Christian Blom
Tore Honoré Boe

Friday 7  June

Machine Dreams Symposium
Kunstnernes Hus, 10:00–15:30

Aura Satz
Peter Zinovieff
Jonny Trunk/BBC Radiophonic Workshop
David Toop
Frode Weium

Cracked Codes
Blå, 20:00

Maia Urstad
Oren Ambarchi
Dave Tompkins

Saturday 8 June

Machine Kids
Teknisk Museum, 12:00–15:00

Workshops and sound experiments for kids.

Smooth Automators
Kunstnernes Hus, 20:00

Stefan Goldmann + Pinquins
Aura Satz/Maja Ratkje/Anton Lukoszevieze
People Like Us
+ Guest DJs

5 - 8 June 2013

nyMusikk’s annual festival of adventurous music, Only Connect, will this year focus on machines: futuristic, obsolete or fictional, machines as utopian instruments of ideas, or as dystopian mechanism. With screenings, a symposium and live performances, the festival will explore the Machine Dreams.


Tickets are sold at, Narvesen, 7-eleven and at the venue.

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