nyMusikk and Electric Audio Unit present:

Performing Sonic Spaces

Spatialisation workshop and concert for composers, performers, sound-artists and lovers of sound.

Performing Sonic Spaces combines Electric Audio Unit's new collaboration with Audun Kleive’s solo project HertZling with the spatialisation of electroacoustic acousmatic music in a two-day workshop culminating in a concert.

The workshop gives hands-on experience in spatialising stereo and multichannel sources over a large loudspeaker array, bringing to life your sounds throughout the space of the concert room. We will first introduce ways of thinking using the acousmonium (the traditional loudspeaker orchestra of Musique Concrète), and experience how EAU have modernised acousmonium-thinking in the ambisonics domain. In the workshop, participants will be experimenting with their own materials, or have the opportunity to explore a specially composed piece that we provide.

HertZling is renowned Norwegian drummer and percussionist Audun Kleive's solo project which involves amplifying a microcosm of sounds: from amplifying the fragile timbres, harmonics and micro sounds that exist in his cymbals and small percussion instruments to transforming and further extending them electronically, highlighting the nuances of his percussion skills and highly creative musicianship. In this collaboration with Electric Audio Unit, the project takes a step further by projecting the HertZling sound-world to 24 speakers.

Workshop participants will have the opportunity to gain insight into EAU’s work with Kleive and be involved in later stages of the collaborative process.

On Sunday night, the weekend will be rounded up with a performance by EAU, Kleive, and workshop participants.

Electric Audio Unit.

Participation schedule

Saturday 16.00-20.00: Spatialisation workshop
Sunday 13.00-15.00: Open door Kleive-EAU experiments
Sunday 15.30-17.30: rehearsal time for workshop participants in concert
Sunday 18.30: concert Kleive, EAU, Workshop participants

The workshop costs Kr 500 which must be payed upon registration, or Kr 300 for freelancers or 50% or less employed. The workshop fee includes free entrance to the concert.

Concert: 150 kr (free for workshop participants).

To register for the workshop, send an email to: workshop@electricaudiounit.no

Please add the following information:

- Name and occupation.
- Briefly describe the type of music / art you work with, and why you would like to take part in the workshop.
- EAU provides a demo piece for practicing spatialisation. You may also choose to use your own work (limited to six minutes). Please state your preference.

Registration deadline: 30th November.
Notification by 7th December (limited places).

Audun Kleive. Foto: Gunilla Süssmann.

Electric Audio Unit (EAU) is a Norwegian electroacoustic music group specialising in immersive spatial audio concerts, cutting edge 3D experiences and spatialisation performance.  EAU performs works from around the world, commissions new composers and gives workshops and masterclasses.

Audun Kleive is a Norwegian jazz musician, drummer and percussionist. He has been a key player in several different styles of Norwegian jazz since the 80's, and has also collaborated with artists in other genres. He has contributed to over 100 recordings.

The concert production is a collaboration between Eau and nyMusikk. EAU is supported by the Norwegian Cultural Council. Loudspeaker facilities are provided by 3DA.

15 - 16 December 2018

Workshop: 15th Dec 16.00-20.00
Workshop: 16th Dec 13.00-17.30
Concert: 16th Dec 18.30

Address: Øvre Slottsgate 3, Oslo