Periferien #3

Ole Martin Huser-Olsen
Stian Westerhus

The concert series Periferien presents its first season in 2016 with five concerts from April to December in newly opened Sentralen's new premises in Øvre Slottsgate 3 in Oslo. The programs combine classics in the contemporary music cannon with newer works from home and abroad, presented by the finest of Oslo's musicians.

Ole Martin Huser-Olsen.


Ole Martin Huser-Olsen (classical guitar)
J.S. Bach - Preludium, Fuge, Allegro BWV 998
Simon Steen-Andersen - Beloved Brother (2008)
Sven Lyder Kahrs - Wird euch langsam namenlos in Munde (2006)

Stian Westerhus (el guitar)

More info to come. 

31 August
7 pm

Øvre Slottsgate 3
Doors open 6.30 pm

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Stian Westerhus: Foto: CF Wesenberg.