POING + Feed

A Collector’s Chest by Natasha Barrett and Infantile Omniscience av Erik Peters.

POING, Feed og Erik Peters.

POING and Feed had their first concert together in Sweden in the spring of 2012, when the project Double Projections which featured music composed by Erik Peters, and music to graphic scores and freely improvised music. In Peter's work Infantile Omniscience there is a continuous interaction between ensemble and computer, where the composer acts as a laptop musician who controls the electronics during the piece. Each practitioner has their own speaker where he spontaneously reacts to sound signals that are selected by the composer, while also trying to "learn" a pre-recorded material which is performed in many different ways with electronics.

POING is Rolf-Erik Nystrøm (saxophones), Frode Haltli (accordion) and Håkon Thelin (double bass). OING started playing together in 1999, and has since then been one of the leading ensembles for contemporary music in Scandinavia, with more then 40 first performances by European and Asian composers. They have played in clubs and concert halls in most European countries, the US as well as in China and Japan. In 2009 POING was selected "Performer of the Year" by the Norwegian Society of Composers.

Feed is a Swedish trio consisting of Magnus Andersson (guitar), Mats Gustafsson (saxophone) and Raymond Strid (drums). They have played with POING on previous occasions.

Natasha Barrett.

Natasha Barrett writes about her own piece:
A collector’s chest holds many small compartments within which are organised all kinds of treasures: from a child’s stones, shells, dead insects, leaves or trinkets, to priceless type-specimens or collections from world voyages. In this new composition for POING-FEED, treasures are collected from recordings of the group’s interpretation of composed musical ideas. These are then transformed and organised as type-specimens in a collector’s chest of sounds. The music assembles in performance, where improvisation meets notation and acousmatic sound, as a multitude of compartments are opened to let sound escape into the air.

Erik Peters: Infantile Omniscience (2003)
Natasha Barrett: A Collector’s Chest (2013)

POING: Håkon Thelin (double bass), Rolf-Erik Nystrøm (saxophone), Frode Haltli (accordion).
Feed: Magnus Andersson (guitar), Raymond Strid (drums), John Butcher (saxophone), Erik Peters (live electronics).

Kunsthall Oslo
7 November
8 pm

Doors open at 7 pm.
150/100 (members/students) kr. 

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Sound versus System
6 - 24 November

nyMusikk is one of the curators of Kunsthall Oslo's autumn program which explores sound and image. Screenings include films by Ian Helliwell and UbuWeb archive with a complementary live program.

7 November: POING + Feed
9 November: Bill Orcutt
15 November: Kenneth Goldsmith
20 November: Ian Helliwell + Signe Lidén & Jørgen Træen

The film program, and Signe Lidén's sound installation, runs daytime from 11-5 Wednesday - Friday and 12-5 Saturday - Sunday.