nyMusikks komponistgruppe presents:

Contemporary metal at Borealis 2014

New works for avant-gard metal band by composers from nyMusikk’s composer group.

nyMusikk’s composer group (NMK) is a group for composers in the establishing phase which offers different projects to its members. In this project the aim is to work across genres with the wish to create a new genre – contemporary metal. The project wants to explore the mediation of music of the composers and performers both through method, form and auditive result. The four composers from NMK have worked closely with metal and avant-garde musicians, the music has been communicated orally, sound based and graphically to create a common platform of reference.

Rebecka Ahvenniemi
Kristin Bolstad
Tyler Futrell
Jan Tufteland

Rune Folgerø - vocal, samples, tangenter
Steffen Sneipen Berg - guitar
André Ulriksen - guitar
Johnny Wangberg - bass
Alessandro Elide - drums

Interlude before the concert with
Thomas De Ridder from Bergen Pipes And Drums. In collaboration with Bergen Scottish Society.

22 March
kl. 11:30