Stavanger: nyMusikks vårkonsert

Foto: Cloudbuilder.

For the fourth time nyMusikk Stavanger are organizing their annual exhibition of local performers and composers. We arrange a marathon club night with brief elements and a conscious genre mix. We will be introducing local composers, both professionals and students, and we invite local performers to play the works of the writers. 

Inge Breistein + Signe Irene Time duo

Asle Ystanes Fjeldstad: Sculptures for piano
Played by Thea Gjærum Kjeve

Leo Duerto: The Spectral Piano
Installation concert.

Kai Mikalsen, Martin Powell, Mats Monstad, Fredrik Ness Sevendal og Petter Flaten Eilertsen. 

Björn Berg Borg
With Andreas Backer, Vilhelm Bromander, Daniel Karlsson, Henrik Olsson

Giulia Barba trio
Eva Bjerga Haugen, Giulia Barba, George Dumitriu.

Per Gisle Galåen, Fredrik Ness Sevendal, Lasse Marhaug og Kjell Runar Jenssen. 

Ulf A. Holbrook and Arne Borgan.

Petter Frost Fadnes, Dominic Bracqeva, Nicholas Katuszonek, John Lilja.

Tou Scene
6 April
kl 20:00

Tickets: kr 150/80