Anthony Pateras + Kitchen Orchestra

nyMusikk Stavanger presents the premiere of Kitchen Orchestra's commissioned work by Australian composer and improviser Anthony Pateras. In cooperation with Numusic.

Anthony Pateras (born 1979) is a composer and pianist originally from Melbourne, Australia, but is now living in Berlin and works as a composer and improviser from there. Sought after for his courageous and exploratory musicianship, he has written numerous commissioned works for ensembles worldwide. As a composer he has worked with many musicians, each of which adds new dimensions to his artistic aesthetic. Past collaborators include, Mike Patton, Christian Fennesz, Han Bennink, The Necks, Flux String Quartet, Richard Tognetti, eRikm, Stephen O'Malley and Paul Act. This time it's Kitchen Orchestra's turn.

Pateras is not afraid to pursue his musical ideals and ideas unrestricted by genre and other potential obstacles, resulting in music that explores, engages and surprises.  The commission will be a 50 minute piece, energetic and rhythmically charged with full on electronics flying everywhere. A stochastic afro-beat whiplash of electro-acoustics. Pateras will be conducting from the piano centre stage facing the ensemble with drummers at opposing sides with the ensemble in a semi circle in between.The improvisational aspect will be based around Lutowslawski's technique in which modules of material are used and overlaid, cued in and out of.

Kitchen Orchestra is a music collective built around 24 members of locally based improvisers exploring the improvisational relationship between the individual and the ensemble in the context of modern and jazz music. Projects vary in size depending on the composer/ band leader’s desires from solo pieces to full orchestra. Past collaborators include Alexander von Schlippenbach, Øyvind Torvund, Inbal Pinto, Evan Parker, Keith Tippet, Trevor Wishart, Reidar Larsen, Svein Tang Wa, Steve Beresford, Dave Kane, Per Zanussi and Lotte Anker.

Anthony Pateras - Piano
Petter Frost Fadnes - Baritone Sax
John Lilja - Double Bass
Olav K. S. Olsen - Cello
Gro Hole Austgulen - Violin
Johan Egdetveit - Accordion
Gunhild Seim -Trumpet
Dag Egil Njaa - Electronics
Dag Magnus Narvesen - Drums/ Percussion
Ståle Birkeland - Drums/ Percussion

Stavanger Konserthus, Zetlitz
8 September
8 pm

Kr 200 / 120