Machine Dreams 5 - 8 June
The Bad Tempered Piano

Rex Lawson.

Celebrating the incredible, complex, expressive and infernal machinery of the piano and its automated versions, with a sequence of compositions designed to push the instrument to its technical limits.

Conlon Nancarrow
Piece For Tape
Study no. 3

Rex Lawson (player piano), Daniel Paulsen (percussion), Karin Hellqvist (violin).

George Antheil and Fernand Léger
Ballet Mécanique

Rex Lawson (player piano)

US born Conlon Nancarrow (1912–77) composed most of his work for the player piano, or pianola, whose actions are programmed using perforated paper or metallic rolls. This allowed him to create parts impossible to play by humans alone.

George Antheil, the self-styled ‘bad boy of music’, caused a riot with the score for Ballet Mécanique (1924) for 16 player pianos; here it will be performed on a single instrument with a rare screening of Fernand Legér’s original film. 

Rex Lawson is the world’s leading performer on the player piano. He will speak about the player piano’s history as well as performing Nancarrow and Antheil.

Swedish born violinist Karin Hellqvist is residing in Berlin and is performing internationally as a interpreter of contemporary music.

Øyvind Torvund
Forest Catalogue (A Slide Show In Sound)

Ellen Ugelvik (piano)
Martin Taxt (tuba)
Espen Reinertsen (saxophone)
Eivind Lønning (trumpet)

This piece detects musical themes from within a collection of field recordings of forests. The musicians are imitating and responding to the sounds and textures found in each “frame” of the forest catalogue. 

Øyvind Torvund writes chamber music and orchestral works often incorporating improvisation and folk traditions.

Ellen Ugelvik concentrates on discovering and performing new works by contemporary composers.

Martin Taxt is a tuba player focusing on improvisation and contemporary music. He runs the record label SOFA and is organising the festival Fri Resonans

Espen Reinertsen is a versatile saxophonist and one half of the duo Streifenjunko. He also plays in several other groups, including Christian Wallumrød Ensemble.

Eivind Lønning is a jazz musician and a trumpetist known from the duo Streifenjunko. He is also a part of Trondheim Jazz Orchestra, among other groups.

Christian Blom
Sommerfugl/Ensom vandrer/Liten fugl/Halling/Vokterens sang

Album release and premiere!

Ellen Ugelvik (piano)

Christian Blom’s piano pieces are both premiered and released on LP this evening. Selections from Edvard Grieg’s Lyric Pieces serve as material for this music. Griegs music is fed through a computer process, further developed intuitively and then played by a custom made sampler. Then, the outcome is transcribed back into musical notation. A feedback loop that crosses from the human to the machine and back again.

Christian Blom is an artist and composer who works with kinetic sculpture and mechanical devices.

Ellen Ugelvik concentrates on discovering and performing new works by contemporary composers.

Kunstnernes Hus
5 June
8 pm

kr 200/100 


Sold at the venue (only cash at the door!),, Narvesen and 7-eleven.

George Antheil.
Øyvind Torvund. Foto: Alfred Jansen.